"I can't fix this now."

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Text Prompts

[Text] I'm sorry, okay? An apology is what you wanted, right?
[Text] This is going to sound a little strange, but what's the best way to get blood stains out of clothes?
[Text] We need to talk. Call me.
[Text] Can you come pick me up? May have been drinking and may have also punched out a guy for talking shit.
[Text] I know it's late. Come meet me at the beach.
[Text] Where do you hide your spare key?
[Text] Are you seriously standing me up or are you really that late?
[Text] Help, I'm alone in a crowd and trying to look cool by texting you.
[Text] Wanna go on a coffee run for me?
[Text] I am never drinking that much again.
[Text] I'm pretty sure I left my underwear at your place.
[Text] I... think you sent that to the wrong person.
[Text] Shit, don't open that. I sent that to the wrong person.
[Text] Give me one more chance.
[Text] Come get Taco Bell with me. No, I don't care that it's three in the morning, I'm already outside your place.
[Text] Where are you? And why do you never tell me where you're going?
[Text] Saw VII or Paranormal Activity 4?
[Text] Report to my bedroom immediately for snuggles.
[Text] I need bail money.

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Stydia Pregnancy Scare AU (2/2): When the test comes out negative, Lydia begins to feel guilty for starting to want what she couldn’t have. Stiles comforts her, and promises her she’ll get it in time.

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"What? Is it because I’m technically dead? Does that skeeve you out?"

Isaac shook his head. “Nah seen weirder just… you know the Derek thing.”

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Surprise Homecoming



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He stopped, staring at Isaac. “It’s not your fault. If anyone’s, it’s mine.” He answered. “I didn’t want to betray you, Isaac. Even if it is falling apart, we can build it up again.”

Isaac just nodded staring at the ground. “I needed you.” He whispered. “i really needed you and I still need you.,. Scott’s so focused on Liam I don’t even think he knows I’m back.”

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Fang Fetish Inc.


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"—Why would Scott kill you?" Stiles asked, mind still trying to wrap itself around Isaac’s confession as the warmth clung to his lips, the smaller male wanting nothing more than to lean back in and connect them together with Isaac’s own. "Pretty sure who I end up kissing or not kissing has nothing to do with him. Unless you want Scott to join in or something. Then, that’s…that’s probably where it would have something to do with him…"

Isaac blushed a deep red. “no I don’t want.. I mean do you want? Wouldn’t that be weird? I don’t .. I don’t.” He shook his head. “He just, He’s so protective over you and I know I’m going to fuck this up.”

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More than just lacrosse gear in the closet



Scott grinned and climbed into Isaac’s arms, kissing him softly. “I love you just the way you are.” He replied, rolling them over so that Isaac was on top of him before he pulled the covers over them. “I’ll be right here,  Isaac. Right here.” He cooed, running a hand through his love’s curls.

Isaac nodded with a yawn. “l love you too.” he mumbled before falling asleep not really conscious of the fact that the admission had so much weight to it. In the morning he rolled over with a groan. “My head is exploding.”