"I can't fix this now."

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❝ It’s not weird. ❞ And wow was he quick on the draw to say that. His heart beat picking up yet again. Swallowing a little more and giving a small chuckle, rubbing at the back of his neck. Letting out a breath as he kept his eyes fixed on the wolf, biting the inside of his lip a moment. ❝ And what.. though, what else? ❞

Isaac stared at him befoer inching closer. “Like you belong to me.” He muttered quietly. “Like every time Malia touches you I want to slam her to the ground and roar in her face.” He muttered awkwardly rubbing his blushing face.

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I’ll be your distraction if you help me forget



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Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing



Cas chuckled. “I just mean that it’s suitable. And not offensive.” The angel found himself running his fingers through the boy’s hair. He knew that he was already attached. It had been so long since he’d raised his boys, he couldn’t refuse taking in another. “You can call me Grandpa if you want,” he murmured. “Or Cas will do just fine.”

Sebastian raised his brows, eyes wide as he took in the boy. It dawned on him in that moment, that he was seeing his father’s grace. Anyone close to human would have their eyes burned from their skull. “What do you think of them?” Sebastian asked, tilting his head as he watched the lack of fear or excitement on the boy’s face. All his life he’d been searching, been trying, to live a life of normalcy. With Tommy, he was just another person- albeit, colorful and winged. “You’re very special. Not everyone gets to see them.”

The archangel craned his neck, cheeks flushed as he bit back a groan. “I think I’d like that.” Sebastian turned quickly, eyes wide and searching as he locked his gaze with his mate. “Being called Dad I mean.” He looked down, clearing his throat as he tugged at his sleeves.

Sebastian was thankful for the diversion, smiling weakly at the boy across from him. “He is strong, isn’t he?” He glanced over at Isaac, not meeting his eyes. “He’s the strongest man, I’ve ever known.”

Cam couldn’t keep the smirk off his lips at the attention. A warmness spread through him, want consuming every part of him. It was almost like the rumble in Dane’s chest echoed through him, urging his wolf to do the same. “Don’t be. I think I’d…like you watching me.” He shook his head, snickering. “Though I’ve never been a stripper, so hope your expectations aren’t too high.”

With what they had, he didn’t have to tease. The fact they weren’t all over each other was a feat in itself. Yet, he couldn’t resist. “I don’t own any outfits. Though I have been known to wear a jock strap, more often than not. You know, soccer and all that.”

The omega’s eyes widened, two thoughts running through his head. One, he’s big. Two, That thing’s supposed to go in me? Despite the faint uncertainty, anticipation swelled inside him. He’d never touched anyone other than himself. Yet in that moment, that’s all he wanted to do. This, this gorgeous wolf belonged to him. And all the parts and curves that came with him. He would enjoy exploring with him, and touching every part of him.

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Isaac hummed as he leaned against his mate. He looked up at Cas for a moment with a raised brow. He didn’t trust many people with Tommy. He trusted Dane’s mother but he felt bad for always having her have to watch him. “Cas.. I uh…” He rubbed the back of his neck.

"I know I am in no place to ask any favors of you. I know you don’t like me. But I was just…" He sighed. "I was wondering if you would ever consider watching Tommy?" He asked quietly. "I would.. I really would love a chance to take Bas out. To.. do things right and I don’t trust very many with him. But you kept my mate and my son safe when I couldn’t and I just…" He slumped a bit. "You don’t have to by any means." He reminded before his head cocked at a sound of a growl. He growled in return standing quickly before launching up the stairs, eyes red.

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❝ Strange.. how, exactly? ❞ Stiles asked as he turned his head, glancing at Isaac a moment. It was almost easier, to calm his heart beat, now that Isaac was actually there next to him. Then again it easily raced for the fact he was there, so close, now. He’d never control that damn heart beat.

Isaac shook his head before rubbing his face. “I don’t know my .. my wolf.. it freaks out.” He murmured. “Wants to just be closer to you. Wants me to lick up your throat and …” He shook his head. “Sorry I just.. I know that’s so damn weird.”

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❝ I feel like I should be a little insulted, Isaac. ❞ Scott huffed, although his down was teasing as he settled against Isaac’s lap. Rocking downwards himself, slow and deliberate as he did while grinned. Letting his eyes flash red for a moment, leaning in to kiss him again. ❝ And you’re gorgeous beneath me. ❞ 

   Isaac’s eyes rolled back as his lids fluttered shut. He licked over his lips and groaned. “God you’re so fucking hot.” He murmured quietly. “You look so good red eyes while you grind down.” He mumbled as he slapped Scott’s ass lightly.

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Fang Fetish Inc.



Scott chuckled softly and nodded. “I’m your alpha, aren’t I?It’s my job to look out for you.” He replied easily as his fingers danced over the taller male’s skin. He loved the way it felt under his fingertips. “Are you kidding me? After seeing the way we perform together, they’re going to be dying for more. You’re not the first person with a problem like this. I won’t let them put you out of work.”

Isaac nodded as he turned in the tub to sit in Scott’s lap laying his head against the other’s chest with a heavy sigh. “Yeah.’ He muttered noncommitally. “Just wish there was a way we had this whole damn weekend on tape we’d be millionaires. ” He taunted before kissing him gently. 

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More than just lacrosse gear in the closet



"Not the weekend away thing." He said, his voice softening when he saw Isaac’s reaction. He took Isaac’s face in his hands and kissed his forehead. "You’re not going to camp anywhere. Don’t be ridiculous. You’re staying with me. Don’t even think about arguing." He said firmly, pulling Isaac down against his chest and tucking his chin on top of his boyfriend’s curls.

He held Isaac against him tightly for a moment before loosening his hold. “You need to eat, Isaac.” He didn’t know why he was so worried about that with everything else that was happening, but he’d feel much better when he knew Isaac had a meal in his stomach. 

Isaac blinked at Scott before nuzzling into his chest with a sigh. He frowned at himself. “What if Allison shows up?” He asked quietly as he leaned back and began to eat again.

"I mean.. what do we do? Don’t you guys do dates on the weekend or something." He muttered as he took another bite eyes staring at the table. He looked up at Stiles feeling really awkward that the other boy was there. 

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"I feel warm." She furrowed her brow. "I’m fine." Erica walked to the bathroom. "You don’t have to follow me." Just as she got to the bathroom door It happened. She grew quickly and her tiny toddler clothes ripped off. "Uh….Hi." Erica said now standing naked in his hallway.

Isaac blinked at her his eyes wide as he licked over his lips. “Jesus.” He muttered his hand reaching out to cover Stiles’  eyes. “Fuck Erica … here.” He muttered as he let his hand drop tugging his shirt off. He stood naked from the waist up as he handed her his tshirt. “You.. you okay?”

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How does your character react to walking in on mine masturbating and yelling your character’s name?


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So since Parrish is a supernatural, and after I saw that trailer,  I read up about mythical creatures immune to fire and a lot of stuff came up but one of the more popular and one that i think might work is a Phoenix

They can live to be thousands of years old and still appear incredibly young


They were wise, intelligent beasts



And if they died they would be consumed by flames


Only to be reborn from the ashes


They were hella fine creatures too


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